Payment conditions

Payment methods

We accept the following methods of payment:

 punktor Money bank transfer in USD (for companies with established USD currency settlement)
 punktor Money bank transfer in EUR (for companies from within EU, Europe or neighbouring countries)
 punktor Money PayPal transfer to office@madur.pl in individual cases
 punktor In particular cases we accept transactions on the basis of the letter of credit. These types of transactions are burdened with additional costs that are associated with the payment of operating banks that allow the letter of credit

Transaction currency and associated bank account number are always given on each invoice supplied with the goods or on the pro-forma invoice when prepayment is used.

Please use only the bank account number that is provided on each invoice (as bank account numbers can change in time).

Prompt payment discount

In some cases, we use prompt payment discount (discount for quick payment) - this discount applies if the appropriate information is included in the invoice.


The penalty for withdrawing from the contract

Dealer may withdraw from the order at any stage, until the confirmation acceptance, without any consequences.

In the event of order cancellation after the acceptance (so after the production process has been initiated but before the shipment) we reserve the right to impose a penalty equal to 10% of the order value. Order cancellation after shipment is not possible.

Payment due-date

All our dealers are required to pay within 30 days from the date of invoice.

In the case of companies defaulting over under the terms we reserve the right to require prepayment for the next order. For large orders, we reserve the right to request a partial prepayment.

Significant dealers can apply for discounts, especially for larger orders.

New dealers and all individual customers (end users) must make an advance payment on the basis of pro-forma invoice.

Bank fees and costs imposed by intermediary banks

For orders below 500 EUR or 500 USD buyer may be charged for bank fees and costs imposed by intermediary banks. In this case a relevant information will be enclosed on the order acknowledgement.


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