Heated Hoses

Heated hoses

The purpose of heated hose is to prevent any moisture that is present in the measured gas from condensing in an uncontrolled way, somewhere in the gas channel. Heated hose warms up the gas to temperatures about the 130°C ÷ 150°C to keep the water in vapour state. The hot gas reaches the analyser's gas dryer, where the vapour is condensed and water removed as quickly as possible. Such solution is especially recommended in measurements of SO2, NO2, Cl2, NH3 and other gases that quickly react with water and create different compounds, making the measurement of the “original” process gas much falsified.

Heated hose in carrying bag (with accessories)

Heated hose_1

Heated hose and its key elements

Heated hose works with following madur gas analysers and gas dryers:

  1. GA-40Tplus, PGD-100 (since 2014), GD-10 - hoses with 7-pin connector
  2. CMS-7, PGD-100 (old), Photon S - hoses with 13-pin connector

Heated hose connects the gas probe pipe with the analyser. Thanks to the heaters that winds the tube and thermal
insulation of the hose, the gas in its inside is protected against uncontrolled water condensation.
Hose with the analyser is connected with convenient, easy-to-use magnetic connector.
On the other side there is a M30x1 thread to connect madur-standard probe pipes.
Hose is equipped with heated filter with glass microfiber 70µm insert.

Heated hose_2

A. Heated hoses for GA-40Tplus analyser & GD-10 gas dryer (with 7-pin plug)

Nominal length L (drawings below) 3m ÷ 10m - see ordering guide
Type of gas probe fitting M30x1 - female part (see drawing #2 below)
Type of gas filter Built in heated filter with replaceable insert
Insert for heated gas filter (drawing #3): material | ID | OD | length | pore size Glass microfibre | ID=16mm | OD=20mm | L=32mm | 70µm
Type of gas connection (analyser’s end) Female quick-coupler ID=8mm with magnetic lock (drawings #4, #5 below)
Gas path material Inox steel (fittings, filter compartment), PTFE (tubing)
Bending radius (minimum) 150mm
Type of thermocouple compensation cable K-type or S-type - see ordering guide
Heater’s electric power ~115 W/m
Heating temperature range 80°C ÷ 160°C
Electric plug type 7-pin, male, Binder 693 series or equivalent (see drawing #6)

B. Heated hoses for CMS-7 and Photon S analysers and for PGD-100 gas dryer (with 13-pin plug)

Electric plug type 13-pin, male, Binder 694 series or equivalent (see drawing #7)
All other data the same as in the table A above

C. Accessories

Dimensions of carrying bag for 3m ÷ 5m hoses - S size 440mm x 350mm x 130mm
Dimensions of carrying bag for 8÷10m hoses - M size 500mm x 440mm x 160mm



Hereby tool helps to configure, in few simple steps, ready to measure analyser. It allows to select main structural components, like gas dryer, gas sensors, etc. Some elements, like probe pipes are to be selected separately. This mini-configurator, generates a list of madur codes that identifies the selected configuration. Customer may add own comments and requests. Device configuration has to be verified by pressing the Refresh button in the Order Summary section. Order summary can be send to our sale engineers for validation and in order to obtain price offer.

Presenting prices principles

Connecting probe pipe to the heated hose

  1. Insert the tip of the probe pipe into the hole in the heated hose and push it until it stops.
  2. Mind the thermocouple’s pins to slide gently in their positions and do not bend!
  3. Tighten up the probe pipe’s sleeve.
Gas Probe

Replacing the heated filter’s insert

For the proper work of the analyser / gas dryer it is essential to provide gas sample free of dust and solid elements.
Depended on the environment the analyser is working at, the contamination of the filter is different.
That is why it is important to regularly check the condition of the filter and its insert, and if it is contaminated, to replace it with a new one.

Warning: elements of heated hose are HOT - use protective gloves during operation!

  1. Remove the lid with the filter’s holder. Check the filter condition.
  2. Unscrew the nut that secures the insert.
  3. Replace the filter’s insert
  4. Fix the insert with nut and mount the lid back to the hose.

Soot measurements with heated hose and soot test adapter

It is possble to perform soot test using heated hose only wih the help of special soot test adapter (ordered separatelly).
Ordering code: Z40T-HOSE-NAKR02

Soot test adapt.

Warning: elements of heated hose are HOT - use protective gloves during operation!

  1. Remove the the filter’s holder standard lid and use the soot test adapter shown above.
  2. Pull the bolt from the adapter.
  3. Slip in the filter into the slot, and release the bolt.
  4. Cut the filter so it does not stick out more than the gasket.
  5. Install the adapter into the heated hose head.
  6. Select soot test option in the analyser’s menu to perform the test.
  7. After the test is done compare the filter with the soot test scale.
  8. Install the standard lid with filter insert, back to the hose’s head.
Soot test

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