Service procedure step-by-step

Service request

The first step in service procedures is the service request. The request can be send together with the device to our headquarters – paper document included to the package. It can be also send separately – preferably by email after the analyser's posting. The application should include:

punktor Type of the device and its serial number
punktor Contact details – name of the responsible person and necessarily email address, and phone number
punktor Possibly detailed description of the device, detected defects and / or customer service requests
punktor Alternatively contact details to the owner of the device in case when the fault is not obvious and we may need additional information from the user
punktor In case when the request is sent via email after the device is sent, it is recommended to include the name of courier and the tracking number of package
punktor If the device should be returned to the different address, or if the invoice should be issued to a different recipient please provide this information in the service request form

Ready-to-fill service request form can be downloaded from here.
Example of completed service request form can be viewed here.

Valuation of the service

In response to a service request, our service team puts order in the system, assigns an ID number and then confirms receiving the service request with an email that might look like this.

Immediately after receiving a device (maximally within 3 working days) our service team performs service valuation that will be send to the person ordering the service via email. Pricing includes the total cost of the service and a lists of all planned maintenance work. Some items may be included as variants (i.e. in the form: We recommend, but it is not necessary). Moreover, an expected repair time is given.

An example of service valuation can be found here.
Valuation is performed in accordance with the service price lists. These price lists are available for clients logged in to our website or via email on request.

Acceptance of service valuation

The next step belongs to the person requesting service of the device. For the reparation to be started we must get the client's acceptance. It is possible to negotiate the scope of service.

Change to scope of service

As the initial service quotation is not always precise (some defects can only be recognised during the repair of analyser), each quotation includes a clause of acceptance of up to 10% change in service costs without additional confirmations.
If, during the repair, a subsequent damage is found, causing the cost of repair to increase by more than 10% in relation to the quotation, service team is required to contact the client, explain in detail the reasons for such a change and get the approval.


Service time

We do our best to ensure that the repair times won't exceed one week and we usually keep this term. In the case of devices that are no longer manufactured, repair time may be slightly longer. The most reason for service time extension occurs when there is a necessity to replace a gas sensor of a not popular type. Unpopular sensors are not kept in our stock and must be ordered from the producer – in that case the service time may be even few weeks longer.

Sending the serviced equipment back to the client

Completed service is reported by the member of our service team to the customer with a request to organise shipment. At the same time invoice for service is issued. Upon request we may help to arrange shipment using our transport companies – in this case a transport costs will be included in the service invoice.

In the situation when the client is not our dealer, and does not have the distribution agreement signed, we may send the equipment back after a pro-forma invoice is paid.

Payment due date

Service invoices are to be paid within 30 days of the date of issue. The delay in receiving the goods after the repair is done does not extend the time limit for payment of the invoice.

Service - customer complaint

If the customer believes that the repair was not performed correctly, he should immediately (before the due date) inform us about it by email, indicating the specific objections. In principle, in this situation, we demand immediate resubmission of the device for service. While sending the equipment back for service, the customer has the right to suspend payment of the invoice for the service. If the complaint proves to be well founded then we cover both the cost of re-repair and shipping both ways. Filing a complaint after the payment deadline will be considered only after payment has been received.

Cancelled service

Occasionally there are cases of "abandoned service".
These include the following situations:

  1. after receiving the service valuation, the customer, despite reminders from madur, does not respond with a decision about the future fate of the device. The device is in arrears in service due to lack of customer's decision.
  2. despite the acceptance of service valuation, the client does not keep to his end of the agreement and does not pay for repairs already made. The unit is in arrears on the grounds of non-payment.

We reserve the right to scrap this type of equipment after the expiry of two years from the date of issue of the service valuation (1) or after the expiry of two years from the date of invoice for the repair (2). Before scrapping, we will inform the customer via email about the expiration of the term.


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