Principles of cooperation

The principles of cooperation between madur and a specific dealer are described in Distribution agreement. We do not present any example document here, as all of the agreements are individual and are written with specific market in mind. We only present general issues regulated by this document.
Distribution agreements are written in English or German language.

In general, issues covered in distribution agreement concern:

General cooperation rules

 punktor Prerequisites for becoming our dealer. Typically, the pre-conditions are:
 punktor participation in trainings requested by madur, delivered by madur trainers
 punktor owning a technical equipment that allows to perform maintenance (service and calibration) of madur analysers
 punktor employing a technician, trained in madur, that will be able to perform maintenance of madur analysers
 punktor The territorial coverage, appropriate to a dealer (usually with sales exclusivity on the designated area)
 punktor The range of the jurisdiction of the dealer, wherein the scope of this may include:
 punktor trade of selected brands and types of devices
 punktor operation and post-warranty service for selected brands and types of devices
 punktor warranty service for selected brands and types of devices
 punktor calibration of analysers equipped with electrochemical sensors
 punktor calibration of analysers equipped with NDIR sensors
 punktor permission for modification of analysers supplied by madur
 punktor Validity of the contract:
         punktor term contract with terms to transit to a permanent contract
 punktor contract for an indefinite time with termination terms for both parties


Financial conditions

 punktor Price lists applicable for particular dealer with guarantees against the changes of the prices during the agreement period
 punktor Possible permanent discounts and levels of maximal discounts available for larger orders
 punktor Payment terms
 punktor Terms of deliveries and payment terms for deliveries
 punktor Rules for designating end-user prices by dealer – usually the dealers set the prices themselves, madur only suggests the retail prices with the appropriate price lists

Special clauses

 punktor Agreement imposes on dealer and madur the obligation to cooperate in the development of the local market – this concerns cooperation in the preparing of the documentation, firmware, software, information brochures and websites in the dealer's national language
 punktor Agreement specifies when madur can terminate the contract with the dealer without the period of notice, usually when:
 punktor dealer is disloyal (actions in favour of the competitors)
 punktor dealer's trade honesty is questioned
 punktor dealer is inactive in a given time period

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