600A0012A 600A0012A – S size carrying bag (for 3m hoses and accessories)
600A0012B 600A0012B – M size carrying bag (for 5÷10m hoses and accessories)
803B1001A 803B1001A – GA-40Tplus - rubber foot for analyser's casing
803B1002A 803B1002A – GA-21plus - Plastic foot for analyser's soft casing
Z10-CAS-001 Z10-CAS-001 – GD-10 - complete casing
Z10-CAS-002 Z10-CAS-002 – PGD-100 - complete casing
Z12-MAGN-HOLD Z12-MAGN-HOLD – Magnetic holder (battery cover with magnets instead of regular battery cover)
Cover of the battery compartment equipped with magnets. Mounted instead of the regular cover.
Z14-RUBBER-001 Z14-RUBBER-001 – GA-12plus - rubber protector
Z40P-CAS-SOFT-3LO Z40P-CAS-SOFT-3LO – GA-21plus Soft case for 3-series sensor
Fits GA-21plus and GA-40plus analysers equipped with the 3-series sensors (obsolete type)
Z40P-CAS-SOFT-5HI Z40P-CAS-SOFT-5HI – GA-21plus - complete casing (soft)
Z40P-CAS-SOFT-5LO Z40P-CAS-SOFT-5LO – GA-21plus - Soft case for 5-series sensors
Fits GA-21plus and GA-40plus analysers equipped with the 5-series sensors
Z40P-CASING Z40P-CASING – GA-21plus - complete casing (hard)
Z40T-CARRY-STRAP Z40T-CARRY-STRAP – GA-40Tplus - casing carrying belt (complete)
Z40T-CAS-3LO Z40T-CAS-3LO – GA-40Tplus – complete casing for devices with 3 series sensors
Obsolete type
Z40T-CAS-5LO Z40T-CAS-5LO – GA-40Tplus – complete casing for devices with 5 series sensors
Z40T-FILTER-HOLD Z40T-FILTER-HOLD – GA-40Tplus - gas filter fabric band with velcro
Z60-CASING Z60-CASING – GA-60 - complete casing
ZPH3-CASING_01 ZPH3-CASING_01 – Photon II - complete casing


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